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The Asociación Víctimas del Terrorismo (AVT) is a victims of terrorism association, a non for profit, private entity constituted in February 1981 to assist the victims of terrorism in a moment when they suffered the consequences of institutional disregard and the marginalisation of many sectors of the Spanish society.

Today AVT represents more than 4.400 victims of terrorism in Spain of more than seven different terrorist organisations. AVT has offices in several Spanish cities to help victims all over the Spanish territory.

The role of the Association has been essential for the achievement of important political and legal measures that have permitted a substantial improvement in the situation of the victims of terrorism in Spain. Furthermore, it has contributed to the awakening of a great sensitivity towards those who have suffered from terrorist violence.

AVT slogan is Truth, Remembrance, Dignity and Justice for victims of terrorism the world over.

“By giving a human face to the painful consequences of terrorism, you help build a global culture against it. You are the real heroes in the global struggle against terrorism. You humble the world by your strength and courage. You deserve support and solidarity. You deserve social recognition, respect and dignity. You deserve to have your needs addressed. You deserve to have your human rights defended. And you deserve justice.”

Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Symposium on Supporting Victims of Terrorism 9 September 2008

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